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Christian Bookstores, Christian book store
Local Christian Marketplace.  Search our directory of local Christian owned businesses.
Boco [bo-co]:{adjective} Boco is a catchprase. An acronym to be more exact. It is a philosophy and a movement. It stands for Buy Only Christian Owned, but it means many things.
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Christian Bookstores, Christian book store
Christian Bookstores, Christian book store
Christian Bookstores, Christian book store
Christian Bookstores, Christian book store

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Instead of guessing, make smarter decisions, using real data about how your business is performing.

  • Know the status of your new business pipeline, in real time.
  • Organize, search and sort leads according to customizable descriptors
  • Don't be afraid to invest into a long-term plan.     Long Term = Sustainability.  

Close More New Clients
It’s difficult to stay on top of every lead using antiquated systems....especially with multi-users.

  • Get notified via email or text message the instant a new contact comes in
  • Use email templates to reply immediately to incoming contacts
  • Schedule emails to keep in touch through        the decision-making process

Categorical based directories are like searchable Yellow Pages that have a significant affect on SEO. They are regularly scoured by Google and every other major search platform to gather information as a means of creating the most relevant search result. Which results show up when someone enters a search term into Google, and where in the list each result appears, is determined by something called PageRank. The higher up a site is on the list, the higher its PageRank.

This is important for a couple of reasons:

  •   Google is the world’s most popular search engine. About 80% of all internet users use Google to find what they’re looking for online.
  •   You want people to find your business easily on the web. Most people click on search results that fall toward the top of the first page of results, so that’s where you want to be. (The majority of searchers don’t even click through to the second page of results.)
Search Marketing Tip: Claim Your Online Business Directory Listings
The good news is, there are several things you can do to boost your businesses position in Google search results. 

One of the first things you should do is to claim your online business listings (claim your iBoco listing here). Doing so will communicate to Google that you are in business and your information is correct. Google wants to return the most relevant search results to users, so if there is any doubt about your business information, your business will drop to the bottom of the list.

Claiming a business listing means that you have an account with the listing website and you have officially told that site that you are the owner of your business.

Start with Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, YP.com, Bing and iBoco. Visit each site and and search for your business. If it comes up in their listings, find a link that allows you to claim it as your business, click it, and follow the directions. If your business is not in the directory, find the option to add a new business to the website and do so.
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