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how to fish for customers on facebook

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Facebook is a big ocean, with lots of fish that scare easily. But that doesn't mean your business can't land the big ones with the right chum. 

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

-Steven Wright.

On the surface fishing appears to be simple.  Cast your line in the water, wait for a bite, reel in your fish.  In reality, real fishing, just like fishing for customers on Facebook, is actually deceptively difficult. It requires finesse, strategy, patience and skill.  Facebook is a competitive ocean -- chock full of anglers, all battling to hook fans and land them as customers.  With millions of lines in the water, the angler who knows best what the fish are hungry for will walk away with biggest catch.  And the guy with a fishing rod clumsily chucking bait into the water with no strategy will walk away impoverished

Here, courtesy of Facebook app Post Planner, is an infographic illustrating the art of angling for customers on Facebook. It will have you reeling in the big fish in no time.
How To Land The Big Fish On Facebook: infographic
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