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Discovered Tour, Brooklyn NY New York, NINTH HOUR
Boco [bo-co]:{adjective} Boco is a catchprase. An acronym to be more exact. It is a philosophy and a movement. It stands for Buy Only Christian Owned, but it means many things.
Discovered Tour, Brooklyn NY New York, NINTH HOUR
Discovered Tour, Brooklyn NY New York, NINTH HOUR
Discovered Tour, Brooklyn NY New York, NINTH HOUR
Discovered Tour, Brooklyn NY New York, NINTH HOUR
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Discoveded Tour Brooklyn NY, New York - Tide Records
Rob Taormina & Matt Margiotta's band, NINTH HOUR (w/ Matt Pastor, Mike Fenimore, Ben Schneider, Harry Vaughn, and Joanna Scala), is one of six New York Christian Artists selected to compete in the 30-City DISCOVERED TOUR (www.DiscoveredTour.com). Tide Records, a christian record label, launched the tour in an effort to discover new christians artists for their label.

A major factor in determining the overall score is by local support. Label executives (led by Ross Turner) will tally total NINTH HOUR fans & poll all concert attendees who their favorite artist is. Local support is determined by how many NINTH HOUR supporters attend the concert (you MUST mention at the door that you are there to see NINTH HOUR....super important). Tickets can be purchased by going to: iTickets.com

 Friday, November 8th. Clear the calendar, get your tickets and tell a few others to come out and support NINTH HOUR for an awesome night. It's going to be a blast!

Started when Rob Taormina & Matt Margiotta was asked to lead worship for a Youth Retreat at Tuscarora in 2008. Since then they've had the privilege of leading worship at retreats, conferences, schools and churches all around the Eastern U.S. Now brother-in-laws, Rob & Matt have always shared a passion for music and deep love of God. Their album, Come Home by NINTH HOUR, was released in 2010. The group is filled with some of their closest friends who are musical wizards and apologetic theologians.....seriously.