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A ton of digital marketing strategists point to Google Authorship as an SEO trend for the near future.  

Google algorithms are in constant search for the best content on the web created by real authorities on various subject matters. Where content is still king, stealing a kings content may result in a one-way trip to the guillotine

Businesses and marketers can no long fake their way into better search engine rankings. They have to distribute compelling content in several distinct forms, to the right customers, at the right stage of the purchasing cycle.  To become a true thought leader online you need an effective content marketing strategy for your business. 

Theoretically, how this happens may be slightly complex. The below featured infographic does an awesome job illustrating the origins of Authorship and how promising its use could be for the future.

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How Google Authorship is the new SEO trend: infographic
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google authorship and its influence on SEO

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