Faith Realty Network, Inc


Misa Realty, Inc.
Gusiella Retto

Odette Lipari, LSA
56 West Main St.
Suite 201
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Jerusalem Ave
Merrick, NY 11566

631-941-4111 ext. 318
Real estate specialists, helping clients buy and sell houses...

I am committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on trust.

real estate agent, serving God by helping families with their real estate.  Remax.
Christian real estate agents
Christian real estate agents
Local Christian Markplace.  Search our database of local Christian owned businesses.
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Boco [bo-co]:{adjective} Boco is a catchprase. An acronym to be more exact. It is a philosophy and a movement. It stands for Buy Only Christian Owned, but it means many things.
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Christian real estate agents
Christian real estate agents
Christian real estate agents
Christian real estate agents
Christian real estate agents
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iBoco-ing is the lastest trend to hit the Christian Community since the Hallelujah dance. Once you iBoco you will never go back.

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